America Saves 2018

America Saves Week 2018

Sign up for America Saves, and you could win a $200 VISA® Gift Card!

Beach Municipal FCU is proud to participate in America Saves Week (February 26 - March 3, 2018), an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own savings status.

Saving can be a tough task, but with the right tools and motivation, you can build a great foundation. Take the savings pledge with America Saves and join thousands of others who are pledging to pay down debt, save money and take financial action during America Saves Week.

You could win a $200 VISA Gift Card!

Stop by either of our branches on February 23rd between 9am and 5pm for our America Saves Week kick off! Pledge to save with America Saves, share your goal with us and we’ll enter you into a drawing for a $200 VISA Gift Card.* Pledging means that you make a commitment to yourself to save; and America Saves will help by sending you advice, tips and goal reminders to keep you motivated to achieve your goal.

We all have a savings goal, so what’s yours?

  • Rainy Day
  • College
  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Down payment on a house or car
  • ____________________

It’s never too early to start saving, so set your goals and enter to win CASH!  

*An online pledge form will also be available from February 23rd through March 3rd for members who would like to enter the drawing for a $200 VISA Gift Card.

To learn more about America Saves, click here!

For official rules and regulations, click here.