Financing Your Social Life

The Pipeline, exclusively for teens ages 13-17Everyone needs a little down time, but how can you afford to hang out with your friends?  The average cost of a concert ticket is almost $96...and that’s if it’s not the hottest concert of the year.* At Beach Municipal FCU, we can help you save so you go to that epic concert with your friends this summer or do whatever you want to do!

Here are some tips for managing your money and making it stretch farther:

Always bring some cash.

  • At some restaurants, it’s difficult to split the tab on a Debit Card. If possible, ask to split the tab prior to the server bringing the check. 
  • Use an ATM within your Credit Union’s network to avoid fees. 

Don’t get stuck with the gas bill.  

  • If you tote your friends around town in your car, ask them to give you gas money.
  • If you are that friend, offer the driver money. Fair’s fair.

Find ways to decrease what you spend.

  • Look for coupons for the restaurants or activities you enjoy. Ask for their specials.
  • Rent your video games versus buying them.  Video rental kiosks offer a great alternative.

Search for ways to increase your money.

  • Some video game retailers offer to buy back used games for store credit.
  • If your parents pay for your school lunches, ask if they will give you the cash instead. Then brown bag it and pocket the money! 
  • Ask your parents if you can do additional chores around the house for extra allowance money.
  • Ask your neighbors if they will hire you for yard work or babysitting.

Suggest that your friends try some less expensive options.

  • Instead of going out to eat for a full meal, get something lighter and cheaper like dessert or smoothies or split an appetizer.
  • Check out the free activities in your community (concerts, city parks, museums, etc.).
  • Play sports outside or go to the beach.
  • Volunteer together for community projects—not only are you spending time together, but you’re helping others at the same time.