Master Your Money 2017

Master Your Money is a series of events organized to help you enjoy the best life has to offer through wise planning and strategic money-saving moves! Events are at Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library, Virginia Beach. To register for each event below, simply click here.



The most important thing to do with your money is give it a plan. After all, if you don’t tell your money where to go, you’ll always be asking where it went. Whether you call it a budget, a spending plan or a money map, having a plan for how you spend money will allow you to declare your independence and set you free to actually enjoy it! This workshop will teach you how to identify where your money goes, track personal spending, find everyday ways to save and develop a personal plan that will allow you to take control of your dollars.



Detonate your debt! We’ll help you understand credit reports, breakdown the importance of credit scores and show you how to snowball your debt until it’s a thing of the past. This workshop will teach you what steps to take to improve your credit and remove erroneous information from your credit report. You’ll be able to obtain a copy of your annual credit report and review it together with a credit coach. You also will have an opportunity to meet individually with financial planners and credit counselors, all of whom are volunteering their time free of charge. Take charge and detonate your debt!



Whether you are years from retirement or currently navigating benefits in retirement, this event can prepare you for those golden years. Statistically speaking, many people underestimate how much money they will need for retirement. You may need to fund your lifestyle in retirement for 20 years or more, and Social Security only provides an estimated 40% of pre-retirement income for the average worker. You need a plan! Get great information on Social Security, estate planning, retirement funding, reverse mortgages and more. Meet individually with Certified Financial Planners, Medicare counselors, Estate Attorneys and more-all for free with no strings attached. Our presentations, one-on-one advice and free resources will help you live well for as long as you live.  


Enjoy the holidays without blowing your budget! This class provides planning tools you can use to prepare for the costs of the holidays, including gift giving, travel, food, decorations, postage and other expenses. Learn how you can double or even triple your savings by layering cost reductions and get creative suggestions for holiday decorating and gift giving. You will shine this holiday season when you build your holiday plan with the help of this class. Come see how you can lower your holiday cost without sacrificing any of the joy!