Popmoney is an easy way to send and receive money using emails and text. You can forward cash to your kids in college, pay the guy who mows your lawn, give a gift to a far-off family member or donate to a charitable cause. Turn it around, and you can also use it to request and collect money from others. 

  • Sign up for Popmoney through Virtual Branch Home Banking's Bill Pay tab.
  • To send money, designate the recipient and enter their email or mobile number. They will get a notification to deposit the money, and the transfer is complete. Sending money by standard delivery is FREE, and it only costs $1.50 for next-day transfers.  
  • The recipient doesn't have to have a Popmoney account to receive or deposit the money.
  • To request money, send a notification to a person or group. Once the request is approved, the money will be deposited into your Beach Municipal FCU account. A $0.75 fee is charged to request money.
  • Popmoney uses verification codes with the payment notification to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Make it special!
If you're sending money as a gift, customize the an email with a unique design for only $0.25!

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