Coins For Community

Your Loose Change Makes A Difference

Each of our branches is equipped with coin machines for members to use to count their loose change. There is a nominal fee for using the coin machines, which the Credit Union matches and donates to our quarterly Coins for Community partner.

Since 2015, Beach Municipal FCU and our members have donated more than $26,730 to our Coins for Community partners.

Virginia Beach Fire Foundation  

This quarter's Coins for Community partner is Virginia Beach Fire Foundation.

Mission: Established in 2021, the Virginia Beach Fire Foundation is the official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mission of the Virginia Beach Fire Department by preserving the Department’s history, funding community risk reduction and safety education programs, and improving firefighter safety and quality of life. 

The Virginia Beach Fire Foundation is a non-profit organization made up of individuals whose core values center around life safety and preservation. The city of Virginia Beach is safeguarded by an all-hazards metro fire department who responded to 45,435 calls during 2021. One of our many goals is to support the mission of the Virginia Beach Fire Department though Foundation donations. We are anchored in the belief that through the appropriate allocation of funding for outreach programs, educational resources, and the implementation of strategic community risk reduction efforts, we have the power to build a healthier and more resilient place for our citizens to call home.

Kid Friendly Lessons & Coloring Sheet

For preschoolers:

For elementary ages:

Coloring sheet/project

Operation Smoke Alarm

GOAL: To ensure that those in need of physical or financial assistance have working smoke alarms.

NEEDS: Funding for volunteer program, certified electrician volunteers, and assistive devices for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Car Seat Education

GOAL: To reduce the risk of childhood injuries and death in motor vehicle crashes by ensuring that car seats are properly secured in vehicles.

NEEDS: Community volunteers to train and serve as Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Funding for certification fees and training resources.

Education & Prevention

GOAL: To expand Community Risk Reduction programs to reach specific at-risk groups.

NEEDS: Development of additional programs to include sprinkler education, fall prevention, fire extinguisher training, CPR, babysitting training, citizens' academies, camp opportunities, and "After the Fire" assistance.


GOAL: To design and develop injury prevention and educational programs that enhance relevancy and engagement for today's digital audience.

NEEDS: Funding to develop online learning and safety training opportunities, virtual reality and simulation devices, and acquire mobile concepts to teach individuals of all ages.


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