Bill Pay

Paying Bills Online Is Easy With Virtual Branch Bill Pay

Tired of writing checks, buying stamps and sealing envelopes to pay your bills every month? With Beach Municipal FCU’s Virtual Branch Bill Pay, those days are over!

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can pay all your bills online…no stress, no hassle, no forgetting, no fees!

To enroll in Virtual Branch Bill Pay, log in to your Virtual Branch Home Banking account and click on the Bill Pay tab. It's fast, easy and secure! Still not sure? It's ok! Visit our "how to" videos and try it out on our click-thru demo! 

Virtual Branch Bill Pay 

With Virtual Branch Bill Pay, you can:

  • Pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. — If the person or company can’t accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.
  • Get your bills right where you pay them with eBills. 
  • Tell us who to pay, the payment amount and the delivery date. The money stays in your account until it’s time for us to deliver the payment!
  • Review your payments and bills for the past 84 months. You can download the information and import the file into a number of different personal financial software applications.
  • Set up automatic payments and transfers. You can change or cancel at any time.
  • And more!

What are Virtual Branch eBills?

An eBill is an electronic version of a bill or statement that is delivered directly into Virtual Branch Bill Pay.

  • We can receive eBills from hundreds of companies nationwide, including Dominion Energy, HRSD, AT&T and Cox Communications. 
  • You can receive, view, and pay eBills all from Virtual Branch Bill Pay.
  • You control the date and amount of your payment. 
  • You can either select the amount due for the bill, which also enters the due date as the delivery date, or you can enter a different amount and date for delivering the payment.
  • Each month you'll receive a reminder email to login and review each new bill.

*A nominal monthly fee may apply if account is not enrolled in eStatements.


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