Route 66 Warranty

Don't Let An Unexpected Car Repair Stress You Out!

Protect yourself from the high costs of mechanical breakdowns with a Route 66 Extended Warranty... the most comprehensive extended warranty coverage for all makes and models of automobiles, regardless of the vehicle’s age or odometer reading.

Why Is This The Best Warranty For Me?

Route 66 Extended Warranty features:

  • Zero deductible.
  • Available on both new and used cars, trucks and motorcycles.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Roadside Assistance.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Transferable.
  • Trip interruption.
  • Direct claim payments via Visa® or Mastercard®.
  • Total loss refund.
  • Open enrollment.

Added Bonus: You can purchase a warranty even if your vehicle is not financed with Beach Municipal FCU!

Available Coverage Plans 

  • Easy St. — Exclusionary coverage available on vehicles that are six model years old or newer with a current odometer reading up to 100,000 miles at the time of coverage. 
  • Main St.— Listed component coverage of all major mechanical systems of the vehicle available on vehicles that are ten model years old or newer with current odometer reading up to 140,000 miles at the time of coverage. 
  • First St. — Special drive train coverage available for any vehicle regardless of the vehicle's model year or odometer reading.

What is total loss refund?

If your car is declared a total loss by the insurance company due to a collision or an act of God, Route 66 will refund the entire original premium of your service agreement!

What does open enrollment mean?

Open Enrollment means you don’t have to buy your warranty at the time of purchase, you can buy it at any time during your ownership of the vehicle. Regardless if your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, Route 66 Extended Warranty has a plan that will fit your vehicle.

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