Bank on Hampton Roads

Free Adult Financial Education Programs

Bank On Hampton Roads is a truly unique adult financial education experience. Like a wellness plan for your finances, Bank On Hampton Roads offers all the education, support, and encouragement needed to launch your financial plans. During this 5-month program, participants are encouraged to:

  • Increase Income
  • Grow Savings
  • Reduce Debt
  • Build Credit Score
  • Protect Assets

How is Bank On Hampton Roads different?

Bank On Hampton Roads is a partnership of participating credit unions, banks and community organizations across Hampton Roads designed to help you take control of your finances.

The program combines financial management classes, personalized coaching and an incentive-matched savings program.

Classes cover the following topics:

  • Build Assets
  • Consumer Protection
  • Credit basics
  • Crisis management
  • Financial Assessment
  • Financial Goal Establishment
  • Grow Savings and Debt Reduction
  • Money management

Thanks to our partners, Bank On Hampton Roads costs you nothing but your time. Everything is completely free!

Matched Savings Program

Bank On Hampton Roads also includes a matched savings program. Participants who save $150, attend classes and coaching exercises, and meet all criteria receive a $150 match which establishes an emergency fund of $300. Funds for matched savings are disbursed as available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds are solicited from churches, grants, and corporate donations.

How can Bank On help me become financially savvy?

During your monthly classes, you will learn strategies to overcome paycheck-to-paycheck living and speedy ways to reduce debt. 

You will also be partnered with a personal financial coach who will help you take what is learned in class and apply those lessons to your unique circumstances. During these monthly coaching sessions, you will build a financial plan centered on your goals and your dreams.

Coupled with the combination of knowledge and improved financial management techniques, you can see your financial dreams become reality!

When do Bank On Hampton Roads classes start?

Each February and September, a new 5-month program begins.

For more information, call 757-385-3551 or visit BankOn Hampton Roads


Where does Bank On come from?

Bank On, led by the national nonprofit organization Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund), works to ensure that everyone has access to a safe, affordable transactional banking account.

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